The mock trial case materials consist of the Problem (a statement of facts, prosecution/plaintiff and defense witness statements, exhibits, legal authorities), the Rules of the Competition, modified Rules of Evidence. In addition, teaching materials are provided to the teacher coaches:  Mock Trial Teacher Coach Manual and the new Mock Trial Curriculum . The Tips and Advice pages on this site contain a variety of information to help you build your team, to become a skilled student attorney, or to develop as a star student witness.

The problem is for use by participants of New Mexico Mock Trial and shall not be shared with non-participants. All of these materials are copyright protected and may not be altered or adapted without the express written permission of the Center for Civic Values.

The Problem

The Center for Civic Values is proud to share the 2025 Gene Franchini New Mexico High School Mock Trial Case. We hope you find it entertaining and educational. THE CASE WILL BE AVAILABLE ON OCTOBER 1, 2024.
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Each year, CCV staff and the Mock Trial Committee carefully review the mock trial case materials. We try to catch every error, but nobody’s perfect. Additionally, through the course of a season teams may have questions regarding competition rules, policies and procedures. All questions regarding logistics, schedules, competitions, etc. should be submitted in writing via e-mail to [email protected]. ALL questions…
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Mock Trial Curriculum

The Mock Trial Curriculum provides important information for teacher coaches. It can also be very helpful for new attorney coaches, as they begin working with their mock trial teams. It is important for teachers and students to know the Rules of the Competition and the Modified Rules of Evidence. Additional teacher and team training materials and training videos are on…
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