State of New Mexico vs. Carrie/Kerry Townsend

On November 20, 2013, the body of a homeless woman, later identified as that of Terese Jameson, the mother of 14 year-old Mickey Jameson and a former employee of the Silver Streak Café in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico, was discovered by Detective Rae/Ray Taylor in a trash dumpster in the alley behind the café. Fingerprints on a brick, stained with Jameson’s blood, that was found with the body belonged to the café’s owner, Carrie/Kerry Townsend, who has been charged with second degree murder in Jameson’s death.

According to Mickey and Kim Sanchez, an employee of the homeless shelter where the Jamesons had stayed briefly, Townsend had fired Terese Jameson when she confronted her/him with her suspicion that horse meat was being used in the Silver Streak’s famous half-pound all-beef burgers. On the morning of her death, according to Mickey, Jameson went to the café intending to tell Townsend that unless s/he rehired her, she would report her/him to the city health authorities.

The only other person in the Silver Streak that morning was Sandy Gonzales, a meat delivery driver, who says that s/he did not witness any altercation between Townsend and Jameson, but that s/he did later observe a group of teen-aged boys around the dumpster in the alley where her/his delivery truck was parked. Jean/Gene Wade believes that her/his son, Kody “Monster” Wade, who is in a local gang that has a reputation for preying on the homeless and is currently missing, may be involved in the murder.

At trial, Detective Taylor, Kim Sanchez and Mickey Jameson will testify for the prosecution. Carrie/Kerry Townsend; Sandy Gonzales and Jean/Gene Wade will testify for the defense.

Both the prosecution and the defense are ready to proceed in the matter of State of New Mexico vs. Carrie/Kerry Townsend.

Adapted by Michelle Giger and Karl Johnson, Esq. from an original CCV case written in 2001.

Thanks to Albuquerque HealthCare for the Homeless, Albuquerque Homeless Coalition, and Sigrid E. Olson, Esq.