2007 Mock Trial Results


  • Sandia, State Champions
  • Albuquerque Academy, First Runner Up
  • Cibola, Second Runner Up


Outstanding Attorney

  • Ann Atura, Albuquerque Academy
  • Katherine Caraliere, Animas White
  • Caroline Chapdelaine, Cibola Gold
  • Peer Hofstra, Monte del Sol
  • Rachael Sullivan, Sandia Red
  • Michael Thorning, Rio Rancho

Outstanding Witness

  • Maggie Carter, Cloudcroft
  • Diane Dalton, Cloudcroft
  • Mahesh Devarasetty, Albuquerque Academy
  • Victoria Gonzales, Cibola Gold
  • John Gray, Cloudcroft
  • Ariana Ho, Monte del Sol
  • Jeremy Keith, Cibola Gold
  • Natalie Stovall, Rio Rancho
  • Elizabeth Vasquez, Monte del Sol

Individual awards are determined by the judging panels before whom the students appeared.