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Mock Trial

An innovative, hands-on experience in the law for high school students of all ages and abilities.

The 2017 Gene Franchini New Mexico High School Mock Trial was held
February 17-18, 2017.

The following teams have advanced to the state final competition scheduled for March 17-18, 2017.

1. Volcano Vista Platinum
2. Volcano Vista Black
3. Pojoaque White
4. Albuquerque High School Gold
5. Albuquerque Academy Black
6. Santa Fe High School
7. Amy Biehl High School
8. Albuquerque Academy Red

Congratulations to all the teams who did a wonderful job!

Final rankings and scores for all 26 teams: 


Teams are ranked based upon Rule 5.5(b):

For the purpose of determining final rankings at the conclusion of regionals and state finals, teams shall be ranked based upon the following criteria in the order listed, provided that if by application of the criteria a team is ranked higher than a team with the same win/loss record that defeated it, the losing team shall be placed immediately below the winning team (i.e., a team cannot place above a team that defeated it, if both teams are in the same win-loss bracket): 1. win/loss record;

  1. total number of ballots won;
  2. total number of points awarded; and,
  3. point spread against opponents (total points awarded minus total points awarded to opponents).





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